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Our National Nordic Museum

Updated: Feb 17

How lucky we are here on Whidbey to have the National Nordic Museum practically on our doorstep! It is stunning in design, exhibits and activities.

As you may know already, their Core Exhibition Nordic Journeys expands the Museum’s classic immigration story to include a broader understanding of Nordic life and culture as it has evolved over the last twelve thousand years.

This exhibition encompasses five distinct galleries and features not only beloved and important artifacts from their own original permanent collection, but also more than 100 objects that have been offered as loans from museums throughout the United States and the National Museums of all five Nordic countries—including stone axes and tools that are more than four thousand years old; Viking-era rune stones, swords, keys, and jewelry; religious objects from the seventeenth century; and examples of twentieth-century modern design.

Of course there is also much MUCH more to see and experience! Visit their website and explore by going to

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